Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud Consulting Services are typically offered by Cloud Consultants

Cloud Consultants specialize in working with computer cloud systems. A ‘cloud’ is internet-based, rather than tied to a specific location, such as a company’s network or an employee’s desktop computer.

Cloud Computing can eliminate the need for companies to retain copies of programs or materials on their own computers, and allow remote access as well, so that employees can work from different locations.

Types of cloud systems include infrastructure (networks, data storage, etc.), platforms (hardware and operating systems) and software.

Cloud Consultants start out by examining the typical duties performed by their clients, asking questions and performing other types of research. They then analyze that data to determine which cloud solutions would best meet the client’s needs; they make recommendations based on their analysis.

Cloud Consultants implement the selected cloud systems and may be responsible for customization as well; accordingly, consultants need to be well-versed in existing cloud products.

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