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One of the first AWS Consulting Partners in South Africa

Stratus Cloud Consulting is proud to be one of the first AWS Consulting Partners in South Africa. Having gained vast AWS experience in the financial services sector we pursued the opportunity to become an AWS Consulting Partner.

AWS Consulting Partners

We are not only one of the first South African AWS Consulting Partners, but also an AWS Client

From inception, we have used our own operation as a testing ground for cloud services. In using cloud services for our own infrastructure we were able to substantially optimize deliverables for our clients.

Over the past years, Stratus Cloud Consulting has migrated its entire operation to the cloud.

Amazon started its life in the cloud, but not as a hosting provider. The organization was its own test case, perfecting the cloud model in its e-commerce environment. With an intimate understanding of the pains, challenges and infinite possibilities, it was able to improve to a point where it could confidently roll out its product offering to the public.

Innovate today or be gone tomorrow

Innovation is key to Stratus Cloud Consulting’s success. Over the years we have developed reference architectures that aligns with best practice frameworks like PCI-DSS, HIPAA & POPIA.


At Stratus Cloud Consulting, we elected to utilize opensource technologies as much as possible to deliver a final solution that is cutting edge & extremely cost effective.

Just as we selected opensource technologies as our platform of choice for our own infrastructure, so we have chosen Amazon Web Services as our hosting partner of choice. We’ve examined all the options currently available and have carefully made our selection to ensure we deliver solutions that are Well-Architectured.

Our Five core design Pillars

Performance Efficiency
Cost Optimization
Operational Excellence


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